Cynthya “Kama!” Karam was born in Beit El Dine on the 11th Of July. Completing her BA in Theatre at the Faculty of Arts at the Lebanese University and ever since her childhood, Cynthya had always stood out among her classmates for being exceptionally multitalented. 
While you probably know her best from her participation in the first season of STAR ACADEMY in the Arab World where she reached the top tier and toured, it is important to note that Cynthya kicked off her career years earlier appearing on shows such as "Inta El Hakam", "A71a 3alam", "Shou Baddo Yseer", and "La Youmal".
An experienced stage performer, Cynthya sings in Arabic, English and French and has performed in several music festivals, concerts, and community events in addition to participating in leading roles with the who’s who of Theater in the region where she not only acted but also sang and danced. A true multifaceted artist, she has also accumulated a decent  repertoire of TV shows as a presenter, actress and performer 
With a heart of gold, Cynthya’s passion extends to humanitarian and social work as she was a first aid troop leader at the Lebanese Red Cross, where she also co-founded the Blood Donors Association in addition to being a member of the Mountain Rescue Unit and continues to support women-empowerment campaigns around the region.