Founder & Music Composer

Michel Fadel is simply indisputable in the music industry.  
Born into a family of artists, he won at the age of 8 the first prize in the youth Competition at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik-USEK. Well renowned for his extraordinary musical talents, Michel obtained his Masters degree in classical piano at the Higher National Conservatory of Beirut and graduated with excellence.
He was keen on following his passion that led him to France where he studied composition and orchestration at the Bologna Conservatory.

Becoming the main pianist for Fairuz, Majida El Roumy & Julia Boutros, Michel collaborated with several renowned artists in the music industry such as, Assala, Wael Kfoury, Nabil Choueil, Elissa, Saber El Rebaii, Hussein El Jasmi etc

In August 2015, Michel played spectacularly in the Cedars international festival; the latter is best renowned for its importance and grandiosity.
It’s worth noting that tickets were sold out before 3 weeks of the show!
In July 2015, Michel Fadel remarkably performed, in a one-of-a-kind show, a “Piano Duel” Vs Raoul Di Blasio at the Beirut Holidays Festival.
The show was immensly successful. Tickets were sold out before 1 month.
In November 2014, the prominent Lebanese Pianist and Music Composer organized a fundraising concert “Rhythms of Hope” in the support of the children’s cancer center Lebanon UK ltd in the United Kingdom at the prestigious concert hall the Guildhall. 
In March 2014, Michel was chosen with his orchestra to perform one night in Abu Dhabi festivals.
The success of his performance resonated all over GCC. 
In February 2014, He played in a huge concert in the National Theatre of Bahrain in front of a tremendous cheering crowd.
Earlier in 2013, he produced famous artist Carole Samaha’s album “ehsas” remaining Number one Album at all Virgin Megastores for several months after its release (Lebanon, Egypt…etc).  
As a result of this success, Rotana produced from its part a Musical show for Carole Samaha, and therefore appointed Michel Fadel as the Music Producer of the whole show. In the same period, he joined MBC group and was featured several times in the famous Arab Idol Show; TV program scoring the highest target audience for the year 2013.

In April 2012, Michel released his long awaited album, in the setting of a successful concert at the Casino du Liban under the title of “Aal Lebnene”- the Lebanese way.  
Accompanied by 50 musicians from the National Lebanese Orchestra, with the participation of internationally renowned flute & Duduk Player Mr. Pedro Eustache; for the first time in Lebanon, Michel entertained the audience with 20 new tracks composed and arranged in a fusion of both oriental and occidental themes. 
Few months later, following the great success of the concert, Michel performed at “The Beirut Souks Festival” held in Downtown Beirut along with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra; a great event attended by more than 2000 persons. 
In December 2012, he accompanied Lady Fairuz in 5 consecutive concerts at Platea, Lebanon and accompanied later on artist Julia Boutros on the same stage with 90 musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague; arranging Julia’s full album “Yawman Ma”, composed by Ziad Boutros.

On a date to remember 11 November of 2011, Michel and his band performed with 6 artists at the launching of charity single “Bokra”- Tomorrow, at the Palm- Dubai, in the presence of artist Quincy Jones, famous entrepreneur Badr Ben Jaafar, and an elite of artist, actors and public figures from the Arab world. It is noteworthy that Michel was the musical coach for “Bokra”, composed by Quincy Jones and written by artist Majida El Roumy.

Michel has also composed and arranged the Official Anthem for the Arab Olympic Games in Qatar, performed at the opening ceremony by Syrian artist Assala on the 9th of December of 2011.
Back in 2004, Michel joined the tutors team of talent show “Star Academy”, produced by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation LBC.
He made his way to Hollywood in 2000 and participated at the World Championship of Performing Arts as an instrumental composer, and won the first Prize under his category: Grand Champion Instrumentalist of the Year 2000.

Michel Fadel’s indisputable talent and allure for music made him one of the finest pianist & musical arrangers in the region.
He is, undoubtedly one of the best Music Producers in the music industry.