We specialize in Live Entertainment and Music Production for all kinds of events, functions and happenings.

How we do it:

  • We assemble the finest entertainers, musicians, artists and industry professionals in a haven of inspiration and creative liberation.
  • We secure the tools and environment necessary for our talents to flourish into the absolute epitome of show business.
  • We work with you to conceptualize, create and produce a tailor-made experience, whether it’s for the most precious day of your life or that of your company.
  • You watch your vision come to life.
Our Services:
  • Musicians: Soloists on all Eastern and Western instruments and ensembles ranging from duets all the way up to full orchestras.
  • Singers: Opera, Pop, Traditional, Arabic, Tarab, Jazz, Rock, Classical and proficient cross-genre vocalists.
  • Performers: Marching bands, dance troupes, dancers, aerialists, firebreathers, jugglers and a lavish squad of brilliant entertainers.
  • Creators: Music Producers, Art Directors, designers, visual artists, videographers and other amazing artists.
  • Special requests: Quartet’s forte is our ability to not only put together the right talents to embody your vision, but to also create something unique to suit your specific requirements. We write, produce, record, mix and master original songs based on your briefs and specialize in tailored groups, arrangements, outfits and entertainment programs that go beyond just the repertoire.
"in addition to electronic musicians and DJs."